How Does First Four Betting Work?

How Does First Four Betting Work?

There are a few different ways you can place your first 4 bets. You can do a boxed First Four, a Straight First Four, and you can even use a percentage. This article will show you how does first 4 betting work each of those methods work and also give you some tips to use if you want to win.

Boxed First Four

Boxed first four betting is a type of trifecta that has more possibilities than straight first four betting. It allows you to select up to four horses and have them finish in any order.

Boxed first fours are the most expensive of all first fours. A box of four horses costs $24 for a $1 bet. This is because there are 24 possible combinations. If you have a 9 horse box, your dividend will be $3,024.

If you have a 10 horse field, you can place a $20 flexi bet. This will give you a 17% dividend. The return is over 300% of a trifecta.

Flexi first four bets allow you to lower the cost of your wager. The payout is based on the difference between the normal boxed Trifecta cost and your stake.

First four bets are available on any race. You can find a list of races online or at the TAB. To bet, simply enter your stake and the number of selections you want.

Straight First Four

First four betting is a popular horse race bet that requires you to select the first four runners in the race. This is similar to a trifecta, but is more challenging to win. However, it can be a profitable bet if you know how to play it.

There are two main types of first four bets. These include the straight first four and the boxed first four. The straight bet is the simplest and least expensive of the two. A straight bet requires you to select the winner in the correct order.

Unlike the straight bet, the boxed first four does not require you to choose the winners in order. Instead, you choose the horses you want to wager on. You have the option of choosing two, three, or four horses.

While the boxed first four is a lot more complicated than the straight bet, it also has a lot more chances of winning. Boxed first fours are much more expensive than the straight bet. It will cost you a minimum of $24 to place a boxed bet.

Multiple First 4 bet types

Choosing the right type of First Four bet can be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, there are a few different options to choose from.

There are two main types of First Four bets: a boxed first four and a straight first four. Both involve the selection of the best first, second and third place finishers in a given race. However, the boxed version is far more expensive.

The straight First Four bet is a lot simpler than its boxed counterpart. It is also more likely to yield a payout. For example, the 2012 Melbourne Cup first four paid $1,467,09 for a mere $1 bet.

The First Four is the ultimate wager on TAB. The odds are stacked against you but if you are willing to pay the price you can expect a healthy dividend. You only need to get it right one time for a decent payoff. If you are not willing to take the plunge you can always opt for a flexi bet. A $20 flexi bet pays back 8% of the final dividend.

Calculating a First 4 percentage

A First 4 percentage is a bet type that is available on the most thoroughbred and greyhound races. It is a percentage of the total number of runners in each position, and it is one of the more complicated bet types. In order to use this bet type, you need to know how many runners are in each position and the order they finish in. If you are not sure how to calculate a First 4 percentage, there are some tools you can use to help. For example, a calculator can help you do this. And remember, the more horses in each position, the lower your First 4 percentage will be.

The first 4 percent is also called a runner-point. To calculate it, you need to multiply the second place horse by three and subtract the runners in each position from the final percentage.

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