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FIXING OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM – HERE’S AN IDEA WORTHY OF A STUDY: To brew this recipe for success here is my challenge to any councilman or mayor who purports to really care about our children — initiate a study of the top 10 students in the 10 worst performing schools. Find the common thread(s) that run through each of them and then publish the results. This sure-fire recipe for success could then be emulated in every failing school district in our city.(more)

SHARPTON AND BARRON SILENT ON THIS KILLING: Both Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Barron are consummate pros at getting press attention. But in the wake of this brutal and vicious crime against police officer Russel Timoshenko they instead chose a course of silence. This crime simply did not suit their needs nor meet the threshold for either of them to call for one of those well orchestrated media events where they put their well-worn sound bytes to use. The only conclusion that one can draw is that Russel Timoshenko was on the wrong side of the gun in this instance. When a cop is the victim, the “social justice” machinery is unplugged.(more)

TRANSPORTATION ALTERNATIVES: Somehow, bicycling home at 9 PM in 18-degree weather from Manhattan to Glen Oaks Village via Queens Boulevard doesn’t have the same appeal as the Transportation Alternatives spokesman suggested to the packed committee hearing room at City Hall.(more)

CONGESTION PRICING NO GOOD FOR QUEENS: So much for this being about congestion but more about politicians getting their hands on a new bounty of cash to feed the spending habits of a legislature whose annual budgets have always exceeded the rate of inflation. And even if the promise of “more mass transit spending” were met, does “spending” mean improvements — or pork, to pay the debts of local politicians who signed on early in support of this bill? Reaching that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is decades away at best, and what is our recourse if those promised benefits do not materialize? Refunds on our monthly E-Z Pass?(more)

THE PROMISE ME EVERYTHING CANDIDATE: Never once have I heard those folks tell us how they are going to pay for their spending “fix”. Oops, I forgot, they have told us; they plan on paying for their spending spree by reigning in “government corruption,” and “slashing waste”. And, miraculously, whatever amount they need to pay for their programs is the exact amount they will find when they reign in government corruption and slash government waste. How many times do we need to be subjected to this rhetorical babble? It’s time they begin making the tough choices that we all have to make when we balance our household budget.(more)

NYC’s HEAVY TAX BURDEN: Each and every year NYC property is assessed to determine the proper valuation in which to apply the property tax rate so that the current year’s property taxes can be levied. So when the rate and valuation both go up, hold on to your pocketbooks you’re in for what I call the double whammy or the hidden tax. And believe me it hits hard. Glen Oaks Village’s property taxes have risen 60% since 2000, has your salary risen that much? This additional money is absorbed into the NYC budget and our elected officials still say they need more. Give me a break! This is a staggering amount of money for even working class shlumps like us.(more)

ALL WE WANTED WAS A 4-WAY STOP SIGN: The community knows what’s needed — they live there and see the daily traffic flow day after day. The DOT doesn’t. So the community requested a simple four-way stop sign to slow traffic down and make the intersection safe. But to the engineers at DOT, that’s too simple a solution to justify their existence. So what has DOT done instead?(more)

TOUCHY-FEELY EDUCATION DOESN’T WORK: A local Assemblyman is off-base when he writes about the “burdensome high-stakes testing that New York State’s children have to endure”. He says, “the tests have proliferated and have taken over the focus of our schools, becoming taxing to parents, students, teachers and administrators throughout the state”. “They should take field trips, conduct science experiments, write to pen pals overseas and participate in dramatic productions”. He ends by saying, “It is time to put an end to high-stakes school tests”. I don’t think I could disagree more. This desire to create a “touchy-feely” educational system devoid of all objective measurements of success or failure is what got our city schools into trouble in the first place. Without some measure of objective criteria for assessment, you move children up the ladder without regard to their educational capabilities. Social promotion is a product of just such thinking.(more)

NANNY STATE GOVERNMENT: You may indeed think that it is fine to ban smoking in a car when a child is present — and perhaps it is, but your neighbor may feel equally certain about alcohol consumption at home in the presence of minors. I’m not here to argue the merits of either – you can decide that for yourself. But anointing the government as a substitute parent and relinquishing more and more parental responsibility to those sitting in Albany or City Hall is not as innocuous as you may think. Nanny State government is already here, the degree to which it is allowed to infiltrate our daily lives is the question we all must ask ourselves.(more)

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